Get rid of from Neck Pain & Cricks

Within the first five minutes, I felt better and was then able to lay off of the aspirin and over time build back up the flexibility and strength in my neck and shoulder muscles.Here are the neck exercises that worked for me, and I hope they bring you some relief as well.


Simple ways to get rid of  Neck Pain & Cricks

  1. Chin To Shoulder Stretch
  2. Stand with your neck arrow straight and eyes looking straight ahead. Slowly turn your head to the left until feeling tension. Hold for 3 seconds (One thousand one, one thousand two, etc).
  3. Then rotate your head slowly back to the starting position. Repeat this to the left for 5 repetitions and then perform 5 more repetitions to the right. Note: Remember to keep your shoulders facing straight ahead throughout the motion.
  4. Chin Push Stretch
  5. Stand with your neck straight and good posture with eyes focused straight ahead. Slowly move your head back a few inches until feeling tension. Your head should not tilt backwards (i.e. you shouldn’t lower your forehead and raise your chin) Your forehead and chin should remain perpendicular to the floor and you should just move it back a few inches as if someone was taking a swing at you and you were moving just your head back to avoid the punch. Hold the position for 3 seconds and then return your head to the starting position. Complete 5 repetitions.
  6. 2. Side Pull Down Stretch
  7. Stand straight with your eyes facing straight ahead. Place your right hand on top of your head with your fingers touching the left side of your head and resting just above your ear. Gently apply pressure as you move your right ear down towards your right shoulder. Go down slowly until feeling the tension and then hold for one second and slowly return to starting position. Perform 5 repetitions on the right side and then 5 repetitions on the left side.

Note: Before trying any of these neck stretches, please keep in mind that if you are having severe issues, numbness or consistent and ongoing pain it is always best to check with a physician or specialist first. They will prescribe the best exercises for your condition and be able to monitor that you are performing the exercises properly.


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