Simple Ways to Save Your Neck In 5 Minutes

The complete guide to Save Your Neck In 5 Minutes

We are spending more and more time each year on our computers, tablets and cranking away behind our desks, sweating over deadlines and responding to emails. The problem is… have you ever looked around your office or caught your wife and kids at home working on the laptop or tablet? Did you look at their posture? These things weren’t designed with posture and neck position in mind if so the keyboard would have a big neck shooting off of it and the screen would be lifted up to be even with our eyes. We rest our forearms and elbows on the table while we’re typing and slouch as we’re looking at the screen. These devices are what chiropractors and physical therapists dream about or despise… depending on how they view the world. Mix our computer use with the fact that most of us are running around at a high velocity to keep the job in check and the family entertained which causes us to cut out time for exercise and here my friends, we have a recipe for disaster when it comes to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. May sound bleak so far, but no worries – there is a five-minute solution that will get you feeling better soon.

Easy ways to rid of Neck Pain & Cricks

I had a severe neck injury five years ago and have since experienced more issues with pain and discomfort and began crunching aspirin but the pain didn’t go away entirely and to be quite honest I ended being a real pain in the rear to be around when the flairs ups would happen during or after a long day on the computer. I had a sports injury and found myself in physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and when describing the neck pain and the amount of time I’m on the computer for work my therapist recommended these stretches.



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